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Cless Vs. Stan/Stahn [27 Sep 2009|04:04pm]


Cless: Satsugeki Buoken!

Stahn/Stahn: Houotenku!

cless VS stahn

...who wins, and why?
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The NEW MEMBER WOOHOO!!! [23 Apr 2008|03:31am]

[ mood | cranky ]


Hello my friends I am new to this community...hmmm...I'm tired....ehhh....and I'm antisocial...but I luv yaoi and crack pairings (The fangirl inside me squeels) Erm...I'm pretty new to writing TOS fanfics buuut....I'm all about the Kratos+Lloyd, Mithos (and erm...spoiler spoiler!)+Genis, Zelos+Genis, Zelos+Lloyd, Zelos+Seles...and Sheena!!! YAAAY SHEENA!!!! HUZZAH!!!!...ehem...that ends my rant *coughs and goes back into her hole in the ground* Scuze me....My FAVE GAME IS TOS....MUST....FIND....OTHER....TALES....GAMES....CAUSE....TALES....GAMES....ARE....AWSOME!!!!!! WOOTNESS!!!!! ....and now I shall re-begin my antisocial lifestyle with a SONG!! YAAAY---*is knocked out*

Assistant: TMI!!!!TMI!!!!TMI!!!! *pulls laughing-crow99 away from the computer before she sings* I'm sorry she's just a bit emotional....vov thanks for letting us join! *laughing-crow99's second personality*


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Hi there. ^_^ [06 Jan 2008|02:15pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

I just joined your community yesterday, as I love to write and read Tales inspired fanfiction. I would post a few of my works, but no one ever likes ANY KratosxOC pairing... I tend to write to fantasize, I guess that's why. xD So if you guys don't mind, let me know, and I'll give you links to my stuff.

Will you also host crossovers in your archive? I'm working on a KratosxJade Symphonia/Abyss crossover currently.

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Some ToD Fics [01 Feb 2007|09:14pm]

When I am stressed out, I write a lot of dramaCollapse )
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Tales of Tales: Updated! [31 Dec 2006|11:14am]

[ mood | silly ]

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Remember that update I've been mentioning for a very long time? It's finally up! We've got a handful of new faces, tons of new fics from not so new faces, and all of KasanSoulblade's Double-Edged Sword!

As with most updates, there are probably some bugs about, so make sure you shuffle through your own material to make sure it's all working alright. And let me know if it isn't. I never seem to get everything write in an update, heheh.

Next update will be the beginning of our new and likely to be very big Tales of the Abyss section! Brownie points to anyone who goes out and finds some good stuff for me!

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Another ToD II Fic [27 Dec 2006|03:24pm]

Title: Repentance Vow http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3239149/1/
Author: Me (Teefa85, Teefa85 Productions, Teefa & Co...the various ways to refer to my Muses' group). Reachable at Teefa85@aol.com
Game: ToD II, early on in the game
Genre: Drama
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Judas, but Kyle, Loni and Rutee are also in it for a little
Spoilers: Judas' true identity as well as events that happened before ToD II but have not yet been talked about in the plotline by the time the fic takes place, as well as stuff from ToD (if it happened chronologically in the world's timeline before the fic, expect to be spoiled on it)
Summary: After his initial enconter with Kyle and Loni, Judas begins to think back on his past as well as plan for the future. Basically, my look into the reasons he decided to eventually join the team.
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A Hello and a Fic [31 Oct 2006|07:08pm]

Hello, my name is Teefa (well, my online persona anyway) and I'm a big fan of the Tales series. Destiny would have to be my favorite because it was both the first Tales and PSX RPG I played (I was going to get Final Fantasy Tactics but when I saw Anime style art I just fell in love). I even have the Swordian Masters involved in my Muse Universes with Rutee as one of the major Muses. But I enjoy playing all the games in the series. Here's something I wrote a few years back (not my only and I hope to write more but it's what I decided to put up first since it was the most coherant one-shot I did for the series.

Title: Mother's Day Surprise http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1340614/1/
Author: Me (Teefa85, Teefa85 Productions, Teefa & Co...the various ways to refer to my Muses' group). Reachable at Teefa85@aol.com
Game: It takes place between Tales of Destiny I and II
Genre: Humor but there is a little bit of Drama in it now that I look back on the fic
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Kyle, Rutee
Spoilers: Rutee's past is alluded to in her thoughts and what happened to their family leading up to ToD II is also mentioned
Summary: Written for Mothers Day '03. Kyle wants to do something special for his mother, but things don't go according to plan. But like his father, his heart is always in the right place.
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Tales of Tales - UPDATE! [12 Oct 2006|01:16pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone! Just your friendly neighborhood mod posting with a little update!

This community has been running for a year and three months now! (Yay!) And although things have ultimately slowed to a leisurely stroll in here, I assure you I don't plan on letting it fail now. Please keep your reccomendations coming - an update will be prepared for uploading by the end of the month. So, if you have something new that no one seems to have noticed - post it!

In other news, Konami America has blessed us with the new arrival of Tales of Legendia earlier this year (or something). I'm certain this game MUST have fanfiction SOMEWHERE, so if anyone wants to go look some up for me, you get brownie points. In spite of how pretty the game was and how interesting the story, I got sick of the battle system and gave up on it quickly, so I'm ready to spoil myself for content.

Secondly, Tales of the Abyss is out!!! It was due out on the tenth, so most stores around you must surely have it now! I'll be starting it tonight, so keep those muses fired! Tales of the Tempest for DS is due soon, too, which appears to be a Nakiri Dungeon of sorts - which means CROSSOVER!

If you have any screenshots to suggest for a new layout, please bring them up and I'll see what I can do. Keep writing, you guys! Ciao!

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long time spammer [16 Sep 2006|04:52pm]

Hello everyone! I would like you all to be informed of a community that I made that could be of service to you, especially if you're into making and/or playing rps! Please come look around and find out what all the ranting rage is about!

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[15 Aug 2006|07:07pm]

Title: Swimsuit
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: Romance/Angst/Humour [Flangst]
Rating: T [PG-13]
Characters/Pairing: Kratos, Kratos/Anna
Spoilers: Everything Kratos-related.
Summary: Anna and Kratos take a day off at the beach, Desians or not. For a fleeting second, Kratos wondered if he wouldn't have been better off staying under Mithos's loving control.
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[Fic] Drabbles of Conquest: Chapter 2 - Pudge (ToS) [14 Jul 2006|10:06am]

[ mood | groggy ]

Title: Drabbles of Conquest
Chapter: 2 - Pudge
Author: phantomgoldoba a.k.a. minachi
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: Humor - drabbles
Rating: PG for language.
Pairing/Characters: Zelos and Lloyd. Not really a pairing.
Spoilers/Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I don't own ToS. *angst*
Summary: In which we see Zelos being, well, Zelos. Later chapters have warnings for yaoi, het and crack!pairings. Also, don't expect continuity between drabbles.
A/N: All dialog, because that's just fun. :D

Linked to my fic journal:
What the hell're you staring at?


<a href="http://phantomgoldoba.livejournal.com/2229.html#cutid1>First chapter - Z/S</a>

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[Fic] Drabbles of Conquest: Chapter 1 (ToS) [12 Jul 2006|02:39pm]

[ mood | bored ]

First post to this com!


Title: Drabbles of Conquest
Chapter: 1 [no title]
Author: phantomgoldoba a.k.a. minachi
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: Humor/Romance - drabbles
Rating: PG for smoochas and mild language.
Pairing: Zelos x Sheena
Spoilers/Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I don't own ToS. *angst*
Summary: In which we see Zelos being, well, Zelos. Later chapters have warnings for yaoi, het and crack!pairings. Also, don't expect continuity.
A/N: Some parts of this I like, some parts I don't like. Not my best, but still kinda amusing for something written during my lunch break.

Linked to my fic journal:


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Well...here it is! [24 Jun 2006|12:53pm]

[ mood | Hm.... ]

My very first contribution to the site...it's the link to my very very long fanfic, Precious.

I guess I oughta give out the warnings and such huh?
Okays then.
Title: Precious http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2585656/1/
Author: Sichugirl sachi_sichu@yahoo.com
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: Ah, Adventure, Drama...it's also got humor action, and suspence at times...And it's a multi chapter fanfic still in progress...about fourty chapters are done now. Happy reading! :D
Rating: I'd say a light R but only for language and gore scenes later on.
Characters/Pairing: Basically everyone from TOS, but so far only those in the Sylvarant portion are up now. Then there are the OCs from my original story, but everyone who's read it likes them enough. I hope you will too.
Lots of pairings, a few are still in the works too!
Lloyd/Colette, Kratos/Anna, possible OC/Raine, future Zelos/Sheena...past OC/Marble. That's about it for now.
Spoilers: Basically the whole thing goes through an AU version of the game, and it's up to the third seal in Asgard. But a lot of moments were cut out and will be playing in different moments in the future.
Summary: (The REAL summary, not the fakey one from FF.Net)
After his mother was killed, Lloyd was raised by his father Kratos in the forbidden forest of Angels, Evangeline forest, a place where legends and magic are alive. He was never to leave, forbidden to wander outside. But then a girl from the outside world named Colette appears and offers him the freedom he's never had before... but is it all for the best? There are angels and devils alike awaiting our young boy about to become a hero and man, some will want to help him, some will want to kill him. All want to realize what his true power really is.
But can Lloyd find it in time to save not only the worlds, but the family he never knew existed? He'll have to choose wisely who is friend and who is foe, because in the end...
All that is precious, just may leave him.

^^ That's it for now! If there is any questions or comments, please email them to me, or review at the ff.net link if you'd be so kind! (Or here, that's good too.)

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Hello There! [21 Jun 2006|11:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Wellies, I finally found a TOS community that fits my style! Fanfiction!
Hello there, I'm Sichugirl, or Sachi as my friends like to call me. I love TOS fanfiction, seriously. Love to read and write it, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this community muchly. ^^
Maa...so fanfic recs eh? Well, I've written a few on FF.Net, so all I COULD do is provide a link to it. If you're all okay with that, I shall do it! Note: My work is always unbeta'd as I don't have one now (Will take one anytime)... and usually become very long...VERY long. Lol. I gotta work on my planning.
I also draw a bit, and I have a few fanarts, if anyone would like to take a gander, I'm more than happy to provide links for you all! (But only if it's allowed, I'd rather not break rules for anyone.)
Well then, now that I've stated what I'm good for, I'll do my little greeting bow. *bows* I hope I'll not abuse my stay, and I hope to read some great fics!
Thank you. ^^

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[15 Apr 2006|05:29pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

So, here's my attempt of getting to read my underreviewed fic. I hope you enjoy it. :p

Title: Mahou Tenshi Colette 
Author: Me 
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: Action/Adventure, some romance
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairing: So far, only Colette. Colette/Lloyd
Spoilers: None yet
Summary:  [AU] Colette is your ordinairy girl...or is supposed to be. When she discovers a world and is supposed to be the savior of it, she is taken on a adventure of a lifetime. Chapter 4 up!

It's obviously not completed yet, but I think you guys will still enjoy it anyways.

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[05 Mar 2006|10:39am]

[ mood | amused ]

Alright! The site had some downtime this week due to the fact that I kind of suck, and the domain shut down. So we moved, and Tales of Tales is once again up and running.

With that in mind, I delivered an update without posting a lot of the fanfiction that was sent to me by e-mail up here. I recieved several fics which I'm in the process of coding from niffe, and then I got an interesting set from one Purple Feather. Check them out!Collapse )

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[18 Feb 2006|11:47pm]

[ mood | content ]

Normally I don't like to recommend my own work (if people ask for my opinion on which pieces of my writing are better than others then I don't mind giving my opinion but recommending without prompting is something I don't usually do). However I thought maybe the idea in this fic might amuse people. No pairings, just a silly idea.

Title: Bathtime
Author: Lil Samuu
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: General/humour
Rating: G or PG I guess, there's nothing very adult or violent in it. :)
Characters/Pairing: Noishe, Lloyd, Colette, Sheena. No pairing.
Spoilers: What Noishe is.
Summary: If you thought that washing a dog that didn't want a bath was difficult...

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[15 Feb 2006|09:46pm]

Hey there! Just posting a few things that I've written. The first one is a WIP that I've just started. The latter is pretty old but it's the only other thing I have to offer. >.>

Title: Fading Existence
Author: diamondust
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Zelos centric, plus a little of eveyone else
Spoilers: For the Kratos path in particlaur, but pretty much the rest of the game, too.
Summary: All Zelos ever wanted was a simple and easy life. Sadly, even in death, things will not be so simple for him.

Title: Mutual
Author: diamondust
Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Zelos, Kratos, Lloyd, Genis, Kratos/Zelos-ish, one-sided Zelos/Lloyd, Genis/Lloyd
Spoilers: The usual Kratos spoilers
Summary: Because when you're a father, the last thing you want is your son sharing a hotel room with Zelos Wilder.
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[12 Feb 2006|05:04am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi, I'm new here. ^_^ Just thought I should say hello and introduce myself.

I'm a rather obsessed fan of "Tales of Symphonia". I've been writing Symphonia fanfiction for a while now and pretty much always write pointless, plotless fluff, although I do write an occasional bit of angst sometimes. The pairing I write about most is Lloyd and Colette. I like to write sorta friendship fics with Colette and Sheena in them as well because, I believe, the two of them could actually be very good friends. :) I also like to write fics with Noishe and Corrine in them because they're fun to write and are, I think, very underappreciated characters.

Almost everything I've written has been a one-shot piece of fluff, although like I said I occasionally write angst too. I apparently do not have the ability to write a plot. I like reading fics with good plots, I just seem incapable of writing anything with a plot myself. ^_^

I think most of my earlier writing is a bit rubbish although I hope that as I've continued to write and gotten to know the characters better my writing has improved a bit. :)

I like all of the main characters in Symphonia although I have as much trouble writing anything with Regal in it as I do writing anything with a plot. ^_^;

As well as writing fanfiction I've also cosplayed as some of the Symphonia characters and I've made a couple of plushies as well. Like I said, I'm a bit of an obsessed fan. LOL :)

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RECS! [11 Feb 2006|02:00pm]

Okay, come on, guys! This place has been dead since the contest ended. Hasn't anyone been writing?

Well, I have... so I'm gonna post a whole three recs, two of which are mine, because I know when I write stuff.

Title: Leisurely Break
Author: Lil-Sammu
Game:Tales of Symphonia
Rating: M
Characters/Pairing: Noishe, Lloyd/Colette
Spoilers: Post-game, but no spoilers, really.
Summary: "Pointless fluffy nonsense". On a journey to collect exspheres, Lloyd, Colette and Noishe take a short break on a beach.

Title: It Began with Flowers
Author: kaiousei
Game:Tales of Symphonia
Genre:Romance, Angst. Drabble
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Zelos/Colette
Spoilers: Kratos ending
Summary: It began with flowers, just like with most girls... but Colette is different.

Title: Father Figure
Author: kaiousei
Game:Tales of Symphonia
Rating: M
Characters/Pairing: Kratos/Zelos
Spoilers: The Flanoir Scene, Kratos ending
Summary: Maybe all Zelos wanted was someone who would stay beside him. Maybe all he needed was a father figure.
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